Where to find the best auto deals online

A car is an essential part of most people’s lives as they allow them to visit friends and family in distant towns and mostly likely get them to work and back each day.

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However, quality motors do not come cheap and anyone in the market for a new vehicle should spend some time conducting research into the type of cars that will suit their needs.

In years gone by, getting a great deal on a car would involve visiting various dealers and listening to their sales patter before making a decision. Now, it can be as easy as spending a few minutes online.

Like with most things these days, the internet is home to the very best cars at the lowest prices and you really can grab a bargain if you know where to look.

Online auction sites and classified listings

If you are in the market for a second hand car, two places well worth checking out are AutoTrader.co.uk and eBay. Auto Trader is the online portal of the famous listings books that were popular in the 90s and early 2000s and it includes thousands of motors from private sellers, with the option to narrow your search by things such as distance from your home, maximum mileage and maximum price.

As you’ll probably know, eBay is an auction site where you bid on items you like and the person with the highest bid at the end wins. It has many car listings and there are some bargains to be had.

The downside of looking for a car from these sites is that you can only go off what you can see in the photos provided and the seller’s own description. If buy a used car in this manner, you should always arrange to see the vehicle and even take it for a test drive before handing your money over.

Places to get advice before heading to a dealer

There are a number of online resources which can help you to find your ideal car. These include the guides produced by consumer champion Which? and What Car’s deals of the week listings.