Table Games that aren’t Scary

By admin on Saturday, August 12, 2017
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Playing table games like blackjack, roulette, etc. at a casino can be intimidating for any player. The odds of winning however are higher than the odds of winning on the slot machine games.

A good place to start is to look for the games with the best odds. Let the experts do that for you, they have years of experience. All you need to do is a little light reading. Here we will have a look at the three most popular table games below which will hopefully change your perception.

Blackjack- hugely popular, and sometimes also known as Twenty One, there is slightly more emphasis on luck in this game than on skill. The objective here is to score a card value of 21 or as close to 21 as possible without going over. Each player is dealt three cards (2 cards are face-down and 1 card is face-up). Players are playing against the dealer who has 2 cards face-up and 1 card face-down. As players are playing against the dealer there isn’t that feeling of intimidation.

Roulette- probably the easiest casino table game around, and excellent if you are a beginner to the world of casino table games. Here the dealer spins a roulette wheel which is numbered from 0-36 and has red and black numbers. The wheel is spun in one direction whilst rolling a ball around the edge of the table in the opposite direction. Players guess and place bets on as to where the ball will land and whether the ball will land on an even or odd number, or whether it will land on a specific number and colour.

Baccarat- very easy to play, the objective here is to get a winning hand as close to nine as possible. Players bet on the “Banker”, another player, or they can bet on a tie. So, if for example, the bet is on the banker and the banker has the hand closest to nine, that player who made the right bet wins the game.